About us

About us

SAR Tech is a premier Silicon Valley-based Consultancy Services firm that helps companies to implement their next generation technology strategy. Leveraging deep industry & functional expertise, leading technology practices, and an advanced global delivery model, enable companies to unlock their business potential. SAR Tech is powered by a pool of talented professionals excelling in enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, operations management, and product life cycle management among other key capabilities.

Our mission is to support our clients by providing quality resources to them on a full time and/or contract basis. Our goal is to establish a reputation for providing quality resources at fair and competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our professional and ethical relationships with the clients and individuals we serve, and understand the importance of human capital to a organizations success.

Technology Recruitment is a customer-focused firm dedicated to providing full time and temporary staffing resources. We understand that recruitment can be a time consuming, difficult, costly, and lengthy process. Our years of staffing experience and staff resources allow us a vast network of skilled candidates, which in turn allows us to respond to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner

Our approach in advancement of technology solutions enabled us to be one of the main-stream IT solutions provider with differentiated service offerings. We offer comprehensive range of services right for development process to enterprise-level application implementation and systems integration on multiple hierarchy level platforms.

Our technological expertise encompasses With deep domain expertise in our chosen verticals, We provide a comprehensive range of technology services for a company requirements and needs – right from the initial assessments, to solution development of an process roadmap, including evaluation of Cloud based computing models, through sizing and implementation of solutions for infrastructure configurations and enterprise-level security applications and analytics, with on-going technical support.

A relationship built on trust is a relationship that will last. As a testament to this philosophy, our company has cultivated long-term relationships with countless loyal employees and customers