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Software Engineer = LinuxKernel Development

Salary : $65,000.00 to $95,000.00 per year

Location :Etobicoke, ON

Post Date :June 24 2015

Employment Type :Full Time


Our client that is currently seeking a Linux Software Engineer individual with experience and exposure in:

(1) Intermediate/Senior software engineer:
* Linux drivers on embedded systems (kernel v3+), C and C++
* ARM assembly language
* familiar with (and truly interested in) hardware, low level analysis (scopes, protocol analyzers etc)
* some Qt would be nice

(2) Intermediate (or exceptional entry level)
* Qt development (2-5 yrs; former RIM people maybe?)
* Android platform development exposure and interest
* Embedded Linux (some, from board-support packages s good enough)
* some exposure to hardware and lower level development.
* Android App development would be nice

(Both positions - general requirements)

* Great troubleshooting skills, active in open source community (would be an asset)
* Flexible and adaptable
* Willing to learn


- C++
- Linux Kernel
- Low Level Analysis
- Linux Centric
- mobile experience

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