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UI Engineer (Direct Hire)

Salary : $59 Hourly

Location :Fremont, CA

Post Date :June 11 2022

Employment Type :Full Time


UI Engineer positions! Permanent Position / Direct Hire!
• Bachelor's degree or master’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field
• Use Angular as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server using Sass, Bootstrap, Angular 4/6/8/9/10/12.
• Extensive usage of Bootstrap for layout as well as responsive design and SASS for Responsive design.
• Analyze highly complex business requirements; generate technical specifications to design or redesign complex software components and applications.
• Updated applications from Angular 4 to Angular 6/8/9/10/12
• Create Shared module with components that will be shared across the application such as Loader, ModalDialog, Models, ErrorHandler etc. Implement HTTP requests using RxJS Observable library to handle multiple values over time.
• Experience with React & Familiarity with Linux and Google Cloud Platform or Azure • Demonstrated knowledge of best practices for coding and overall application architecture
• Good understanding of web browser optimization techniques and browser compatibility testing.
• Analyze the business requirements to design or update existing design for the application software components.
• Experience with build and deployment strategies for development, test and production environments on Apache Tomcat Server. Willingness to mentor and advise the in-house team and provide knowledge transfer
• Good communication skills and appreciate teamwork
Full time direct hire


UI Engineer
Angular 2 or higher, React, HTML5, CSS....
Ability to work in a project driven environment
Experience or desire to work in an agile environment

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